The Service Required Most After Hurricane Matthew

It goes without mention that the highest record of service requested for during the recent hurricane disaster was indeed windshield repair service. The cases varied from completely shattered to merely cracked windscreens. The damages were majorly caused by falling objects, or vehicles being swept away by strong currents of flooding waters thereby hitting barriers, other vehicles or losing control and rolling over. No sooner had the hurricane cleared out than we started receiving requests for quotes from our clients across the nation.

damage from hurricaneAt GlassNet, our clients simply fill in their zip code, the year their car was manufactured and the make of their car and specify whether it’s the windshield, side window or rear window that’s affected and our team immediately liaise with our partners to send the client a quote. In fact we send the clients three quotes from GlassNet with which they can choose from depending on their budget at the time of the inquiry.

Windshield repairs are carried out when the damage to the glass is minimal and is very cost effective as compared to replacing a whole window or windshield. The repair is done professionally and the resulting work is a fine finish whose appearance is as good as new. No traces of cracks are visible on the finished product. In cases where repairs cannot be done, replacement is carried out on the damaged window or windshield to the client’s satisfaction. Our teams of experts assist in assessing the damages to determine the kind of repair to be done on the vehicle.

The most interesting and convenient part of our service is that when the client gives the green light for the service to be carried out, we send a local team on the ground to get the job done and the customer does not have to come or bring their vehicle all the way to GlassNet premises forhow much does it cost repairs. We offer you a hustle free service that is of high quality and highly convenient by saving you time and providing quality service by highly trained personnel. During the hurricane Matthew period we were able to service a huge number of quotes from GlassNet since a large number of satisfied clients gave reference to their family and friends who in turn inquired and opted for our services.We have since gotten a lot of positive feedback and reviews on our website.

The main reason why our clients are happy with our services is due to the fact that apart from our team’s expertise and professional service delivery, we use genuine parts (OEM) to ensure that repairs and replacements are accurate, safe and maintain industry standards. This helps our clients to recover from the damages caused to their valued assets without glitches. Properly fitted windshields are essential to safety of the passengers and normal functionality of the vehicle i.e aid in proper visibility, aerodynamics and air conditioning.

hurricane damageOur services are easily accessible and just by a click of a button on the internet, you are guaranteed to get a quote from GlassNet in a few seconds. We bring on board a team of professionals with years of experience in the auto service industry. The quotes from GlassNet are mostly accurate and reflect the kind of work to be carried out thereby helping our esteemed clients to come up with concrete decisions in a timely fashion.

Another great thing about quotes from GlassNet to our clients is that they are discounted and straight forward, meaning that there are no hidden charges to the client. This is an assurance to the client that the prices quoted are genuine, fair and competitive with the market prizes at large. The client therefore gets their job done at affordable cost without compromising on the quality.

Hurricanes are natural disasters that occur when you least expect them. Should you be caught up in such a situation where your auto windows or windshield gets damaged, you need not panic since we got you covered. Our team is composed of friendly people who work round the clock and are more than willing to put you back on the road as fast and as secure as you could possibly imagine. Your auto windscreen holds the key to your safety and hence it is advisable to entrust us with the work of fixing your window or windshield whether it is a small crack or a shattered windshield to prevent further damage or a complete replacement.

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